Hey guys,

So what do you want to know about me?  Ok, we could go through the usual stuff!  Like my credits, how long I've been in music, how many awards I have and what it is exactly that I  do...  But.. I'd rather tell you that, I'll beat your ass in ping pong,  I'll give you good run in golf and that I'm super competitive.  But mostly, I believe in the oneness on humanity and that life should be full of service to others.  Sure, I'm super good with sound and creating music for a variety of things, but unless I'm doing it with a global purpose it feels like a waste of time.  You can poke around and listen and watch some of my work, but more importantly, let's play some ping pong and have a coffee and

contribute something to the world while doing it.   

Live as much as possible in your joy!

There is also a credit page if you insist on seeing some of it.  But, I'd rather have you book a tee time for us...